Thoughts on US/Iran tensions

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Imagine the US response if Iran had parked an aircraft carrier and other warships just off US shores, and loudly announced that they were sending more troops to Iranian military basis in all of its neighboring countries, in this case Canada to the North and Mexico to the South. And now also imagine Iran were to fly surveillance drones over the US airspace – or even just anywhere close to it. Drones that Iran uses to identify potential targets for a “preemptive attack” on the US.

What would the US do? Yeah, exactly.

Why is Iran so hostile towards the US? Let me see... in 1953 the US overthrew a democratically elected president because they didn’t like his plans to nationalize the oil industry. In the early 1980s the CIA helped Saddam Hussein use chemical weapons against Iran, killing 20,000 people (let alone supplying Iraq with weapons for eight years that ended up killing hundreds of thousands). In 1988 the US shot down a passenger airplane, killing 290 civilians (and has never apologized for it). The list of US aggressions against Iran goes on and on.

With that in mind, think about all the targeted provocations of the past few months.

  • Single-handedly pulling out of a functioning nuclear agreement the terms of which Iran was meeting

  • Terrorizing Iranians with crippling sanctions that have caused the currency to drop by 80%, resulting in nothing but suffering among an innocent population 

  • Fabricating incidents like the attack on a Japanese oil tanker. On the day that Shinzo Abe was visiting Iran – really? Let alone that Iran went to rescue one of the tanker crews. 

  • Shabbily accusing Iran of collaborating with the Taliban so that they could justify invoking the post-9/11 authorization of attacking Taliban allies. For starters, the Taliban and Iran are profound enemies, not allies. 

  • Flying a drone in/close to Iranian air space which wasn’t just out there for fun, but to spy on Iran. And then you are surprised they shoot it down?

  • Cancelling an airstrike "with 10 minutes to spare" because he learned people will die? Ridiculous! Trump is trying to spin himself as the hero, proudly holding off the rabid military because of lives on the line.

Are you now adequately distracted from the Mueller report? Yeah, thought so.

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