China Musings #18: Taking Chinese Companies Global

Having worked cross-boarder out of China for the past 15+ months, I learned a thing or two about what it takes for Chinese companies to be successful on global stage. Below my conversation on this very topic on the China Accelerator podcast. It's a dedicated interview of 35 minutes in which I share perspectives and anecdotes from my time in China.

Podcast link: (or check on iTunes)

0:00 Welcome Back and Introduction 
1:50 Introducing Omid Scheybani 
2:50 How Omid came to China and why he stayed 
4:45 Chinese perceptions on Global Markets 
8:15 Chinese Tech going Global and shift in Chinese exports 
12:27 Diversity in Chinese Business and need for intl. Talent 
14:57 Omid’s Advice on working for Chinese companies 
17:55 Challenges for Chinese Businesses going global
19:25 Adapting to Chinese Business Norms 
20:00 Treatment of intl. Talent 
20:25 Perspectives of Chinese products in intl. Markets 
26:34 Lightning Round Questions 
29:19 Spread of Chinese Products to intl. Markets 
33:31 Closing thoughts

Speaking at a Retail Summit at Google Beijing

Speaking at a Retail Summit at Google Beijing

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