I'm Back

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I’m back. 

Back after taking a break from writing for the past four months or so. 

After running this blog for almost four entire years, my willingness and readiness to share had taken a massive hit. A lot happened this year which was gradually moving me away from my essence – the things that drive me and the things I am good at. To the point that I didn’t recognize myself anymore by the time September came around. So I had to hit the breaks and take a break. 

And so I did. Instead of sharing my thoughts here the way I used to, I just kept journaling privately. I think I filled some 40-50 of pages over the past few months, just writing down all my hopes, thoughts and emotions. There was a lot going on, and I made sure to capture them all until I ran out of pages and had to reorder my journal. 

But it took some time. It took some healing, some reflecting, some letting go. It took a lot of self-work, tough conversations, and simply time. It’s not uncommon to end up being misaligned with yourself in life. But it’s very important to realize that quickly and to realign yourself. And that’s what I was doing for the past four months. Realigning myself. Finding my voice. Reconnecting with my core and my essence. 

Life is beautiful and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you again.

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