Raising Your Frequency


My favorite ice cream parlor back in Dublin had a sign promoting, if not even promising, “instant karma” in exchange for tips. Quite a smart move. I mean, who doesn’t want to have good things happen to him in life? 

Inspired by that sign which I recently rediscovered as I was going through old pictures, I came to wonder how I could have this karma thing work for me and attract all the good things in life: the amazing experiences, the positive feelings, the unique opportunities and incredible people that could become part of my journey. How would I have to think about this world and my existence on it so that I could fully tap into all these great things that are out there?

There have certainly been times in my life when I saw a lot of good things happen to me, but I rarely had an explanation as to why they were occurring and with what kind of mindset I could further attract such things. Was I just lucky or did I attract those good things by having a particular approach to life? 

As we know, many people try to explain the world and life on the basis of God: be a good person according to the principles of your religion and good things shall happen to you. As someone who grew up exposed to different religions (I was burn Muslim but read the bible and was part of various Christian organizations), I have come to believe that they are all "different doors to the same house" (a Mexican cab driver once told me this analogy). They all try to explain the world from a different yet similar angle and on the basis of certain beliefs that form the foundation of their religion. Basically what they try to do is to make sense of this world and everything that happens to us.

Independent of where you stand with regards to religion, I want to discuss this topic while putting the G-word aside for a moment. That said, I think that there is an energy out there that is guiding us throughout the universe. An energy that is available to everyone on the world because the entire universe is made up of that energy. Even you are made of that energy. No matter how you want to call that energy (and the G-word is probably the most used one to do so), what is important is that you build a relationship with that energy that is around you and inside you. Why is that important? Because all of us are connected to this limitless power and most of us aren’t using but a fraction of it.

All this energy out there vibrates at a certain frequency. Anything that you desire in life has its own frequency. Same goes for everything that you don’t want. And given that you are made up of energy, it means you are vibrating at a certain frequency, too. So not only does everything vibrate at a given frequency, but vibration attracts similar vibration. 

The simplest example I can think of is smiling. Smiling vibrates at such a high frequency that it’s hard to resist someone’s smile and to not smile back. This is basically the law of attraction. Whether we want (or even realize) it or not, we are constantly attracting energy to ourselves. Whenever we vibrate at a low frequency, for example by feeling sad, depressive, alone and pessimistic, we simply attract misery and things that vibrate at low frequency. Only when we increase our frequency, we start attracting the desirable things in life.

Whatever vibration you put out there, the universe will respond to you on the same frequency. This is why when you are all positive and vibrating at a high frequency, you see all these great people and opportunities crashing into your life. To make this energy thing work for you and to truly raise your vibration onto a frequency level that attracts the good things in life, you have to believe that everything you want in your life is out there in the universe and available to you. The job you desire, the type of person you want to spend your life with, the dream apartment you have been looking for – all these things exist and are out there vibrating at their own (high) frequency. 

Why high? Because they are amazing things. If they weren't amazing, they would vibrate at low frequency and be way to easy to get. But to get those high-frequency things, you yourself need to get out there and vibrate at a high frequency. Put that smile on your face when you leave your apartment, be the person who gives a warm welcome to a new employee on the office floor, compliment the waitress for what she wears, be the person who others look for if they need someone to talk to. What goes around comes around. You can't put out negative energy at low frequency and then expect amazing things happen to you. If you vibrate at high frequency, the world will respond on your frequency level. This is what I consider karma and this is how I'd encourage you to approach life.