The Best Days of Your Life

No matter how positive you are as a person, I bet you, too, have days of reflection. Days on which you rather feel like looking back than looking ahead. Days on which you remember your unworried college days during which only trouble in your life was to chose where to study abroad. Days on which you become nostalgic about your previous relationship and wonder if it was the peak or if better days will come along. 

Turns out we all have a past that is a part of us. A part of us that we can't ignore and a part of us that is full with feelings and memories that sometimes crash into our daily life without permission. While some of them are capable of conjuring a smile on your face, they are also capable of causing a state of confusion and sadness. 

Whenever this happens, there is this one sentence I try to remember which always helps me put things into perspective. It's the simple idea that the best days of my life haven't even happened yet". I think of the day I will move into my own house, of the day I will propose, of the day I will turn 30 and throw a really big party, of the day I will attend my brother's wedding – I think of all the small and big things that are yet to come and I humbly realize not only how privileged I am, but also that the best days are yet to come.