World Culture Storytelling

I was once asked what I'm "world class" at...

...I answered that while I consider “world class” a level that I’m still striving to be at, I would mention the sharing of personal and cultural insights as one of my key strengths. I consider myself a World Culture Storyteller who travels the world, gains such insights, and then shares them with others through writing, speaking and visual storytelling. I do so in a very compassionate and authentic way which really allows me to easily build human connections.

I truly believe that each person has a unique story to tell. The dreams we pursue are different, the obstacles we have to overcome and that shape us are different, and the memories we carry in our hearts are different. That makes 7 Billion individual treasure boxes full of life lessons, wisdom and experiences. 

Imagine how much we could learn about someone and from someone, if we approached each conversation with the innate curiosity that we normally demonstrate as infants. If we embraced the unknown, knowing that everyone can help us become a better version tomorrow of who we are today. And if we opened ourselves to the vast possibilities of how one single encounter can change the trajectory of our lives. All it takes could be for us to be authentically and genuinely interested in the other person. Not by their title, resume, or achievements, but by who they are and the life story they have to share. Because oftentimes, the simplest people have the most fascinating stories to share! 

With my storytelling, I try to provide a small window into the true spirit of another person and the cultures I get to experience, and allow my readers, followers and listeners to connect with the subjects of my stories. My ability to build deep connections with others (by speaking their language or being able to quickly have deep conversations) facilitates this endeavor. 

As I gain these personal and cultural insights, I am eager and poised to share these lessons and experiences with the world as well. Over time, I was able to aggregate a followership of 26K on Instagram. I wrote up more about my passion for World Culture Storytelling in a blog post that can be found here