Taking a UXD (User Experience Design) Course

After a 2014 full of travels, I decided to cut down my trips during the last 3 months of the year and to take a SF-based in-person course in UXD. Think of design not just as the visual appeal of an an App/Website, but of the overall experience you have as a user.

As a tech aficionado, it was important to me to improve my understanding in this realm and to formally educate myself at the SF-based institution called The General Assembly. During the course we learned both the theory and how to put it into practice. We had workshops and guest speakers. There are about ±25 people participating in the course. 

Apart from attending this 12-week part-time course, I also indulged in this topic by doing a lot of reading on the side and by meeting/networking with a many people who do this professionally. While I still need to work on my UI design skills, my UX understanding has reached a level that gives me comfort when reviewing, critiquing, or making UX-related decisions. Both online and offline.