After a turbulent 2012 and a pretty amazing 2013, I promised myself to share more the many perspectives and thoughts that I had gathered over the two previous years. I once learned that "you can't enjoy the view from the summit if you have never been down in the valley", so my goal was to keep myself up there on the top while helping others climb up on that summit as well! 

End of 2013 I then decided to launch The Positude. I loved the combination of "Positive" and "Attitude" and got myself the domain Until today I have published about 50 essays that are at the intersection of Life, Love, Leadership and Happiness. Some of my work has been widely shared online (like when Facebook co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz tweeted one of my essays) as well as offline (for example in a Google-internal "newspaper" edition). 

My objective is to share my perspective on life and inspire others to grow beyond their circumstances. Living life to the fullest is the most important responsibility that we have with ourselves as long as we are alive. 

You can access the Positude here and you can subscribe to my posts below (or do so directly on Medium). Photo Credits: Jennifer Lerner

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