After 4 years, I returned to Iran in the summer of 2014. This time however, I took three of my German friends with me. For two weeks, we traveled the country and I very much acted as their tour guide. Organizing, translating, explaining, leading – it was a truly amazing experience and honor to share my country with some of my dearest friends.

In addition to that, the trip was very special as we met ±25 like-minded people throughout our entire journey – people our age who we all met through Instagram. Through this simple picture-sharing app, we were able to build some strong connections and friendships. You can read this interview on Iran Wire which describes some of the experiences we made.

Ever since my return, I have used any opportunity available to me to share our experiences with a bigger audience. Be it a talk at Google, a lecture at San Jose University, a feature on CNN, or a photo exhibition in San Francisco. It was important to me to share our experiences so that more people can get inspired to travel to Iran and to better understand what is going on "behind the veil". Find my pictures here.