DPRK Bowling Alley

Mockup North Korea Bowling Alley.jpg
Mockup North Korea Bowling Alley.jpg

DPRK Bowling Alley

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Story behind the Picture

This picture has an interesting story. My friends and I who had been to North Korea, we actually got stuck in the North East of North Korea because of a heavy snow storm which prevented us from leaving the country. So after the third day, we developed cabin fever because we couldn’t leave our hotel or move freely. So we got placed into a different location, which happened to have this incredibly Wes Anderson-looking bowling alley. Since there wasn’t much to do, we ended up playing a lot of rounds, together with our North Korean minders and the service personnel there. 

Limited Edition Prints

This is a limited edition series, consisting of 25 prints only. Each purchase comes with a handwritten thank you card from me.

Details on the Product

Picture is printed with advanced printing technology on Kodak Endura professional photo paper with a fine grain pebble texture. The framed version comes with a solid black wood frame with anti-glare acrylic glass and a 2-inch mat board. Delivered ready to hang.

Sizes (of the print, not including board or frame)

Small: 8x10 inch = 20x25 cm
Medium: 11x14 inch = 28x35 cm
Large: 16x20 inch = 40x50 cm

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