Exploring North Korea


This was not your typical tourist trip to North Korea. If it was, I would have never done it. But this was a trip that a good friend from business school organized. Someone who had already been to North Korea more than 25 times. Together with his business partner, more than 60 times actually. Someone who knew the country inside out, had local friends, and an incredibly network that would allow us to come close enough to the facade to see the cracks in it. 

Nick, my friend, had founded a travel/consulting company around North Korea back in 2009 out of Beijing. Together with his partner, they brought various interest groups to the DPRK and North Korean students out of the country to see the world outside. It was his knowledge of the DPRK and his ability to navigate such a complex environment, that convinced me to join this trip. 

Shortly after, a group of us was on their way to North Korea. And a 10-day journey, became an expected journey as part of which we got stuck in rural North Korea when the worst snow storm in its history hit us. We saw all the things we were supposed to see, but also things we were not supposed to see. Ever since I got back, I have written a few pieces about this trip as well as given interviews which have been widely published. Below a list of some of publications.