Using my network to raise awareness for different causes is something very important to me. As always, I try to have some relationship or connection to the causes or people that I do the fundraisers for. Below you can find three recent examples with the most recent one still ongoing (if you are looking to make a small contribution to a good cause :)). 

Sending Jean Marie to University — 2015

In 2009 I spent one month in Rwanda and became friends with Jean Marie. He was helping out in an orphanage and on the constructions sites we worked on. We stayed in touch ever since and I recently found out that he was accepted at the SAUT University in Tanzania in Mwanza for a 3-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication. Upon further questioning, I also found out that he was in need of a sponsor since he can't pay more than 20% of the tuition and the related cost.

After verifying all information and that this was not a weird scam, I promised him to scrape up the money somehow so that he could pursue the dream of receiving his degree. I decided to sponsor another 20% of the 3-year program, which will leave 60% unfunded (±10K USD). This is the money that I'm currently trying to raise

Donating my Travel Credits — 2015

This is an amazing story in which Google made an incredibly donation of about 24,000 USD on my behalf. You can read the entire story here

Charity Water Campaign — 2013

Early 2013 I had the idea to start a fundraiser and to use my network to raise money for Charity Water. "Water instead of Alcohol" was the theme of the campaign and I encouraged my friends and colleagues to save up on drinking and spend the money instead.

Through Google's matching program we were able to raise 8,210 USD! Having built water taps in Rwanda 4 years earlier, this campaign was very important to me and I was extremely impressed by the support I received from all my friends, family and colleagues. Here is the page that I used for the fundraiser.