/// San Francisco-based Polyglot.                          

/// Culture Explorer.                          

/// Smartphone Photographer.                          

/// Technology Adi- & Aficionado.                          

/// Forward Thinker.                          

/// Solution-oriented Doer.                          

/// Thoughtful Writer.                          

/// Passionate Learner.                          

/// Striving Designer.                          

/// Caring Friend.                          

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Welcome stranger! The following pages are meant to give you a glimpse into my joyful life and busy mind; a centralized place where you can read up on my ideas, thoughts and projects. 

My name is Omid and I'm a Germany-born Iranian working and living in beautiful San Francisco. I grew up in a small town in Bavaria (yes, I do have a pair of Lederhosen) and did my undergrad degree in Business Administration in Germany and Argentina.

I've been with Google the last 5 years moving between various regions and offices (Dublin, NYC, San Francisco). In addition to my fulfilling job that allows me to work (and travel) in Latin America, I spend a lot of time developing new skills, learning about technology and trying to put a smile on the faces of the people I care about. 

Upon realizing that I only have one shot at this thing called "life", I set myself two goals. Professionally, to change societies by bringing disruptive technology to emerging markets all around the world. Personally, to make a difference in other peoples' lives.


- The Positude -                     

A blog about having the right perspective in life.                     


- Phonegraphy -                    

My attempts to capture moments for eternity                    


- Moonshots -                    

Personal projects that are outside my skill & comfort zone.